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Harold Smith


Harold Smith


Harold started his insurance career in 1981 with a handshake with founder Dick Martin (deceased).  After 41 years at Lyddy Martin that handshake still is the tie that binds.  The emphasis right from the beginning has always been to learn and get it right.  Harold obtained his “Certified Insurance Counselor” (CIC) designation in 1987 and has continued to exceed the continuing education requirements in order to maintain the designation.  In addition to being a CIC, he has also been an expert insurance witness.  He is very much the generalist, writing most lines of insurance anywhere from a renter’s policy to professional liability to life and health.  His clients are both individuals and businesses.  As he likes to say, “We don’t have customers, we have clients.  Do what is best for them and the rest will take care of itself.” 

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